Thomas T. (T. T.) Shields
1873 - 1955

"In the darkest hour the universe has ever seen, Jesus of Nazareth was King! I cannot be content with the acknowledgment that He is going to be King by and by. It is true that in a larger and fuller sense His Kingship shall be manifested, but He is even now the King. Yes, He is King now. He is seated on the right hand of the Majesty on high; all authority is His in Heaven and on earth. He is the King."

Dr. Shields was born in Bristol, England, in 1873, the son of a Baptist minister. Converted in his youth. Received early education in England. Ordained to the Baptist ministry in 1897. Held Ontario pastorates in Florence, Delhi, Hamilton and London. In 1910 was called to Jarvis Street Baptist Church, Toronto. Elected to the Board of Governors of McMaster University 1920-1928. Received Doctor of Divinity degrees from Temple and McMaster Universities. Founded THE GOSPEL WITNESS, a weekly magazine, in 1922. Was author of several books and booklets. Was president of Baptist Bible Union from 1923-1930. Founded Toronto Baptist Seminary in 1927. For many years was president of Union of Regular Baptist Churches of Ontario and Quebec. In 1948 was elected vice-president of International Council of Christian Churches. Passed on to be with Christ on April 4, 1955.

Thomas Todhunter Shields, 1873-1955

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Thomas Todhunter Shields 1873-1955 Canadian pastor. T.T. Shields was born in Bristol, England, the son of a Baptist minister. At an early age, he was con- verted to Christ during a revival meeting in his father's church. He was educated in British universities. After a few pastorates in England, he was called to the Jarvis Street Baptist Church in Toronto, Canada, in 1910, where he served for 45 years.         However, his service for Christ was not confined to the Jarvis Street Church, in that he was active in the fol- lowing capacities: vice-chairman of the Home Mission Board of the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec, president of the Baptist Union of North America, vice-president of the In- ternational Council of Christian Churches, president of the Union of Regular Baptist Churches of Ontario and Quebec, president of the Conservative Baptist Churches of Canada, president of the Canadian Council of Evangelical Christian Churches, and president of the Canadian Protestant League.         In 1927 Dr. Shields organized the Toronto Baptist Seminary. He also was the author of a number of Christian books. He was the leading exponent of fundamental Christian- ity in Canada, which caused him to be referred to as "the Spurgeon of Canada."

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