Charles Haddon (C. H.) Spurgeon
1834 - 1892

“If a man begins to walk with a stick merely for a whim, he will soon come to require a stick; if you indulge your eyes with spectacles, they will speedily demand them as a permanent appendage; and if you were to walk with crutches for a month, at the end of the time they would be almost necessary to your movements, although naturally your limbs might be a sound and healthy as any man’s.”

Many times it has been said that this was the greatest preacher this side of the Apostle Paul.  He began preaching at the age of 16.  At 25 he built London’s famous Metropolitan Tabernacle, seating around 5,000.  It was never large enough.  Even when traveling he preached to 10,000 eager listeners a week.  Crowds thronged to hear him as they came to hear John the Baptist by the River Jordan.  The fire of God was on him as on the Prophet Elijah facing assembled Israel at Mount Carmel.

Royalty sat in his Tabernacle, as did washerwomen.  Mr. Gladstone had him to dinner; and cabbies refused his fare, considering it an honor to drive for this “Prince of Preachers.  To a housewife kneading bread, he would say, “Have you ever tried the Bread of life?”  Many a carpenter was asked, “Have you ever tried to build a house on sand?”

He preached in all the principal cities of England, Scotland and Ireland.  And although invited to the United States on several occasions, he was never able to visit this country. 

HOW GREAT WAS HIS HEART: for preachers, so the Pastors’ College was founded; for orphans, so the orphans’ houses came to be; for people around the world, so his literature poured forth in an almost immeasurable volume.  He was a national voice; so every national issue affecting morals, religion or the poor had his interpretation, his counsel. 

Oh, but his passion for souls!  You can see it in every sermon.

Spurgeon published thousands of poems, tracts, sermons and songs.


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  • Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. —- Psalms 119:11